NYC Snow Globes

Our NY-themed Snow Globes are unique and come in variety of New York themes featuring the skyline. A perfect gift for those who admire New York or a decorative piece for those who have had the opportunity to wander the city in Winter. 

Ideal for someone who admires New York or as a gift for a friend. Our unique Snow Globes are the perfect way to capture the incredible beauty and grandeur of New York City. With its iconic landmarks and breathtaking views, these snow globes bring back fond memories of a wonderful trip to NYC. 

New York's Winter Scene

Tilt them over and watch as the snow cascades and whirl down on a winter wonderland of New York City’s most famous buildings and sites. You can see New York's iconic skyline and landmarks inside the glass globe. Snowflakes swirl inside the water globe making it a  perfect gift that reminds you of a winter wonderland in New York.

Bring the magic of the Big Apple - the city that never sleeps - to your home with our amazing collection of NY snow globes.